The 43 Percent

Learning and coding with Erica Peterson

Episode Summary

Since women are sparse in STEM fields, how can moms in science find guidance and community? Erica Peterson, founder of Moms Can & Co, wanted to build a solution. In this episode, Claudia hears from Erica about finding her life path, building her nonprofit, and overcoming the difficulty of working in STEM without the support of fellow women and mothers around.

Episode Notes

43 percent of women leave the traditional workforce when they have children. This podcast forgets about the leaning in or leaning out debate and talks to women about their journeys towards creating lives that include both family and career. Claudia Reuter, a former stay-at-home mom who went on to be a venture-backed CEO, speaks with authors, tech executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms and more who share their professional journeys and advice for women grappling with work-life balance.

The 43 Percent is produced by Wonder Media Network.